Winter is coming…Prepare your house for sale

Year on year you hear people talk about preparing their house to go to market in spring, but what about winter? Do all the buyers and sellers go into hibernation and prepare for the busy spring/summer sale season?

Fact is, the serious buyers are always looking to buy, regardless of how cold and dreary it is outside.

There are advantages to a winter sale, there tends to be fewer houses on the market, which means less competition, which means you can make your house stand out to those looking to buy.

In order to make your house stand out while you prepare to sell in winter, you can do the following.

Let there be light

During the cooler months, it tends to get a little darker, that doesn’t mean your house needs to. Open up the curtains and blinds, give your windows a good clean. Remove any furniture or fixtures that may be obstructing natural light from entering the home, where possible, cut back trees and plants that are shadowing your windows.

Turn on ceiling lights and lamps to add extra light. Ample lighting can transform a space and make it appear more open and inviting.

Warm house, hot buyers

Take advantage of the cooler months by making buyers feel welcome and at home. The ideal temperature of a house in winter is 23 degrees, so turn on the heater a few hours before the open.

If you have an open fire, put it to use, there are few things as inviting as a fireplace, it makes the house feel like a home.

Get creative, get comfy

Like the fire, let your creative flair come to life and add to the atmosphere of your home. Incorporate some warmth into the home with textured furnishings and warmer colours, throw rugs, cushions, and blankets.

If you have an open-plan space utilise a rug strategically to break up the room. If you have tiles, hardwood or concrete floors, rugs are an easy and effective way to warm your home.

Hardwood floors, although appealing do not retain heat, so invest in a rug to keep your house snug.

Go where others aren’t prepared to go – outside

Clear out the drains and gutters, allowing water to flow seamlessly during a sudden downpour.

Trim back any bushes, trees and shrubs, where possible mow the lawn and clear any fallen leaves or flowers.

Inspect the exterior for cracks in the roof, signs of rust or broken tiles.

Finally, head back inside and look for signs of moisture or dampness inside the house, according to a 2016 mozo survey visible mould puts off almost half of all potential buyers. Thankfully dampness is an easy fix, clean all signs of mould with a fine tooth comb, run a dehumidifier in the centre of the house to ensure the air isn’t too stuffy.

Any other tips? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add it in?

Yianni Garbas CA

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