Bitcoin 101: 5 experts who will educate you!

Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, wherever I go it is all I hear. But what is Bitcoin?! and what is all the hysteria surrounding it?

Cryptocurrency is complicated, I don’t attest to being an expert, nor would I take the advice of the guy at the bar who says it is going to the moon.

What I do know is that it is a volatile beast, with many ups and downs, plenty of acronyms, and even its very own language #HODL.

So before you sell your house, the car and the kids, do your research and let these five experts help guide you through the world of cryptocurrency.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

A technologist and serial entrepreneur, who has become an if not the authority on Bitcoin. He is the author of the book Mastering Bitcoin and to help you get started check out his YouTube Channel where he explains Bitcoin for Beginners. Andreas clearly explains Bitcoin, and will leave you with a wealth of knowledge.

Andreas is also a regular host of the Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast.

Nick Szabo

Is a self professed blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts pioneer. Claimed by some as the inventor of Bitcoin. He sporadically blogs, and occasionally tweets, but when he does, people listen.

Andrea O’Sullivan 

Andrea stands out from the crowd as she is one of the few women in a male-dominated industry, but her insight is second to none. Andrea co-wrote Bitcoin: A Primer for Policymakers.

Andrea shares her thoughts about cryptocurrency via her Twitter.

Paul Vigna 

A reporter for the Wall Street Journal, and co-author of The Age of Cryptocurrency.

Paul tends to keep his writing succinct and doesn’t get overly technical, enabling even the newest cryptocurrency adopter to follow.

As always you can keep up with Paul via his Twitter.

Roger Ver

Making his first million by the age of 25, Roger made far more in the next decade of his life via Bitcoin.

He has stated that Bitcoin is “the most important invention in the history of the world since the internet”, a loud and proud proponent of Bitcoin. Roger invested heavily in Bitcoin when the price was around $1, that’s an increase of around 1648699% (as at today).

Roger regularly tweets on all things Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


Before jumping in head first to Bitcoin, it is best to understand Bitcoin, why it was created and what it does. Understand the blockchain and its purpose, as well as the mining technologies, exchanges and inherent risks that come with investing in cryptocurrency, as with any investment.

As they say in crypto world,

Lambos on the moon.


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